Butterick Evening Gowns for 1936

Since my first post showed men’s evening clothes for 1936, it seems only fair to show some women’s evening gowns to go with them. Here are seven gowns to choose from — all illustrating Butterick patterns.

Butterick evening cape and gown, September 1936

Butterick evening cape and gown, September 1936

These Butterick patterns for an evening gown and cape were featured in Delineator magazine in September, 1936, with these descriptions: #7010 Date your evening wrap as brand new with this cape, square-shouldered, collarless, knee-length. Choose black velvet for it and it will be equally effective over white or bright dresses…. For sizes 12 to 20; bust 30 to 42″.  #7015 White crepe shot with gold is a happy choice for a dress so Empire in feeling. There is simple elegance in the lifted waistline, molded skirt. …Designed for sizes 12 to 20; [ bust measurement] 30 to 44.

[Dress patterns in Misses sizes 15 to 20 years usually said “or small women.” “Petiteable” patterns or patterns for women shorter than 5′ 4″  began to appear in the 30s.]

Two Versions of One Pattern, and a Gown ‘After’ Vionnet

Butterick #6665, Feb 1936

Butterick #6665, Feb 1936

At first I thought #6665 also had a cape, but in fact it is a long draped fabric that twists into the neckline of the dress. Here is another view of the same dress:

Butterick #6665 & #6666

Butterick #6665 & #6666

The caption describes #6665 as “A gown for dramatic entrances — with long draperies caught at the neck and flowing almost to the hemline. Notice the new up-in-front line of the skirt. The gown is perfect of heavy sheer, in one of the new spring tangerine shades. Sizes 12 to 20; 30 to 40.”

Take a closer look at the light-colored gown, #6659: “A button-down-the-front dress after Vionnet — ingeniously cut, beautifully molded to the figure. Made in one of the new fresh pastels, this gown will keep heads turning at spring dinners and concerts, as well as more formal affairs. Sizes 12 to 20; 30 to 44.”

Other Long Evening Gowns for 1936

Two evening gowns from March 1936

Two evening gowns from March 1936

Silk or rayon evening gowns in bold prints were also popular in the 30s, although the one on the left might be mistaken for a nightgown in style.

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