Ski Suit Pattern for Women, 1940

bfn cover feb 1940 #8793A ski suit for February, 1940, from the cover of Butterick Fashion News, a store flyer. Here’s a closer view of the jacket:bfn cover Jacket only feb 1940 #8793Snugged to the waist with gathers, zip fronted, topstitched, with flattering, slanted zipped pockets. Those 1940 shoulder pads would make your waist look even smaller.  Here’s a look under the jacket:bfn feb 1940 #8793 ski top closeupA closer look:top #8793 ski bfn feb 1940

The high-waisted fitted ski pants have suspenders and an oval with room for your monogram. (Butterick sold monogram embroidery transfers, too.) Even the button flaps on the ski pants have pretty detailing.

Here’s a back view and the pattern description.bfn feb 1940 #8793 ski TEXT510

“BUTTERICK 8793: Snow fun in a ski suit shown above and on the cover. When you zip off the reversible jacket [!], your monogrammed (16043) suspenders will be muchly admired. Size 16 [takes] 3 ½ yds. 54 in. Snow cloth; 2/18 yds 39 in. Poplin lining. Designed for sizes 12 to 20; 30 to 42 [bust measurement].”

This blog post is dedicated to The Vintage Traveler, where you can see a 1950s ski suit, too.  The Vintage traveler often writes about vintage sportswear for women, among many other topics related to vintage clothing and textiles.


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4 responses to “Ski Suit Pattern for Women, 1940

  1. Oh, of all the topics that made you think of me, this is the best! I love that the illustrator included all the accessories: goggles,gloves,boots,hood.

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