The Colorful Past

1928 nov ivory soap ad colorful nightwear

The decades which we only know through black and white photographs and movies can always surprise me.  This red-headed woman with her shingle haircut and red and white nightgown — worn with a celery green and yellow (velvet?) robe — makes me realize how much we should treasure old magazines. Those that survive, on paper rather than microfilm or microfiche, are full of windows into the past — in living color! And the colors – and color combinations — are often not at all what we are used to.  This is part of an advertisement for Ivory Soap, from November, 1928.1928 nov ivory soap ad colorful nightwear top

The text at the bottom:

1928 nov ivory soap ad colorful nightwear page

“Up, at the end of the day, to the gleaming white tub, filled full, and the bobbing welcome of Ivory!

“This is content. . . to slip into soft warmth that comes like a blanket up to the chin, while tired muscles let go, while tingling nerves go still! How easy to be a bath-tub dreamer, spinning golden moments of silence. . . with Ivory drifting near your lazy hand!

“Gently you splash; slowly you cover yourself with bubbling crests of Ivory foam. Ivory, so quick to clean, rinses just as quickly away — leaving you lulled and ready for deep and comforting sleep. . . .

“And so from an Ivory bath, you slip drowsily between warm, friendly sheets. Already you are ebbing away on the sweet tide of sleep. To you, a very good night!”

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