Embroidered Coat, 1926

I love the restraint and simplicity of this coat, which was illustrated The Delineator in summer, 1926.

Butterick Coat Pattern 6613, with Spiral Embroidery, Summer 1926

Butterick Coat Pattern 6613, with Spiral Embroidery, Summer 1926

The Butterick Publishing Company issued sewing patterns, embroidery and beading transfers, and The Delineator Magazine, among other enterprises.

Here is the embroidery design, No. 10441:

Butterick Embroidery Design 10441, from 1926

Butterick Embroidery Design 10441, from 1926

As you can see, it would have been possible to decorate the collar and/or cuffs of the coat with a related, smaller-scale pattern, but just one, large-scale embroidered area appears on the coat, filling the foot or so above the hem. Elegant. Restrained.1926 may probably coat 6613 10441 embroidery detailThis is a lovely treatment of a very simple 1920s coat, with the big, spiraling, embroidered shapes given room to breathe by the perfectly plain wool elsewhere. This pattern mostly adds texture; it might have been done with a silk floss thread in the same color as the coat, or just slightly lighter or slightly darker. It would even look good in black silk thread on black wool, but warm russet browns and other autumnal colors were popular, too. Although illustrated with darker embroidery, nothing would prevent you from using a lighter, related shade. Since this is a light-weight summer coat, I can even imagine it made of linen and a range of blues, aquas, or white.  If anybody is inspired to duplicate this coat, I’d love to see pictures!

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  1. That’s beautiful. Now if it had been me, I’d have covered the collar and the cuffs with embroidery as well, but then I never know when to stop!

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