Four Souls of Birmingham, by Kristine Mays

I saw a picture of this wire sculpture by Kristine Mays in the Sunday newspaper and wanted to share it. Her wire sculpture of four little girls’ dresses — in memory of Addie May Collins, Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, and Carol Robertson, four children who died when their church in Birmingham was fire-bombed in 1963 — must resonate with anyone who remembers the happiness of wearing your very best dress, your Sunday dress, often your “birthday dress.” The joy of the innocent, their hope for the future, and the loss of so much goodness: artist Kristine Mays captures all those with these four empty dresses.  Click here.

You can read the New York Times report on this tragedy by clicking here.   It’s not easy reading — over fifty years have passed, and the promise of equality in America is still not fulfilled.

You can read  more about the bombing and its aftermath at Wikipedia ( click here.) It’s a reminder of the power of human beings to forgive, but not forget.


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2 responses to “Four Souls of Birmingham, by Kristine Mays

  1. What a beautiful, moving sculpture!

  2. Nancy Alexander

    Thank you for posting this. My daughter and I just saw the movie Selma and this tragic event opens the movie. Thank you for sharing such an important exhibit.

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