What a Costumer Does Meme

A friend sent this to me years ago, and I have not been able to trace it to its first appearance.

It uses the format of the Know Your Meme site — brilliantly — to show how the work of a professional costumer appears to other people we meet (scroll down for larger images.)

Costuming meme

Costuming meme

Here are the frames, slightly larger:

costumer society friends meme 427678_10150667711685236_624600235_11520510_1544922588_n

costumer what i think meme 427678_10150667711685236_624600235_11520510_1544922588_n

costumer actors meme 427678_10150667711685236_624600235_11520510_1544922588_n

costumer directos and really meme 427678_10150667711685236_624600235_11520510_1544922588_n

Whoever you are, if you wrote this — you nailed it!



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4 responses to “What a Costumer Does Meme

  1. love it! not a costumer but if i hear ‘why dont you sell them’ one more time…… but in truth its better than ‘must get you to run up………’

    • Thanks for your comment — perhaps we could make a list…. And I was always saying, “No, I don’t do bridal dresses.” (Although that’s just my fear of Bridezillas speaking — most of the costumers I know need part-time work!

  2. Yes, the “glamour” actually consists more of dirty laundry and repairs to smelly stock costumes than anything else. Most people think that costumes “just happen.”

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