High Hats, 1937

A high beret by Agnes was featured in this illustration for Woman’s Home Companion, October 1937. Illustration by Dynevor Rhys. [That’s a lot of eye makeup!]

The next month, Woman’s Home Companion offered this hat pattern, No. 7361:

Detail, “Height in Your Hat,” Butterick-Companion [?] pattern 7631, November 1937. WHC. Three hat styles in one pattern for 25 cents.

A style that combines height with a beret front and a driving cap back, pattern 7631, WHC, Nov. 1937.  This one is closest in spirit to the more extreme couture hat designed by Agnes.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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5 responses to “High Hats, 1937

  1. I would trade my firstborn for a pattern for any of those hats. They seem to be sewn rather than blocked?

    • The hat by Agnes is probably blocked felt; Agnes was a Paris designer of clothing and hats, perhaps best remembered for her hats. But you’re right: the others are all made from one pattern, Companion-Butterick 7631 (When Butterick’s own magazine collapsed in 1937, the Woman’s Home Companion began illustrating Butterick patterns, but usually called them Companion-Butterick.) I was amazed by how many 1920’s hats could be made from Butterick patterns, and some really eccentric 1930’s hats, too, like Butterick 7852. Less eccentric is this pattern from 1934.

  2. Sophia

    After reading your article I just happened to come across this French blog featuring some very high hats during the war years:


    I thought it may be of interest.

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