Hot Lips Cigarette Lighter, December 1930

The Hot Lips electric cigarette lighter — perfect for Christmas, 1930. Ad from Delineator, December 1930.

Part of the pleasure of reading vintage magazines is the advertisements I find. This ad ran from the top of the page to the bottom, so I have broken it into segments for legibility.
Here, from 1930, is a Christmas gift you might actually encounter at an antiques fair:

Top of ad. “The liquid, graceful beauty of this sculptured head will enhance your library table.” — It must be a high class item, huh?

Bottom of ad for a Townsend-Wulff, Inc. Hot Lips electric cigarette lighter. Delineator, December 1930, p. 91.

It looks like the button is on the back of her neck, so you just put your hand around her neck to pick her up and turn her on…. “Perfect prize for bridge tournaments and golf tournaments.”

In 1930, ten dollars was not cheap.


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7 responses to “Hot Lips Cigarette Lighter, December 1930

  1. Sibyl

    I love reading things like this–yes $10.00 in 1930 was very expensive. I did the inflation calculator and it would have cost close to $150.00 in today’s dollars, which is a lot for a novelty cigarette lighter. But I do love reading what people would purchase back in the day. And this would have been right at the beginning of the depression, so only the rich could have afforded something like this.

  2. Thanks for looking this up, Sibyl. Quite an expensive novelty!

  3. I so wonder how many were sold. Looks a bit dangerous, like how to electrocute yourself and burn your nose off at the same time. Plug it in, well, no, I don’t think so. I often see old electrical appliances and gadgets (I’m in France) that look like plugging it in would be russian roulette to say the least, and electrocution at the other end. But thanks for the post!
    bonnie in provence
    where many homes still have very scary electicity

    • I wouldn’t buy one, but I do have a terrific 1920’s table lamp that I had re-wired. I only use 25 watt bulbs in it, though.

      • Oh well yes, lamps, no problem. I have rewired many and use whatever bulbs I like! LEDs are excellent because they don’t get as hot, as long as you get the light bulb shaped ones and can’t really see them. I have LED candle bulbs in a 60+ year old ten light chandelier that has shades so you can’t see the bulbs. If they were normal bulbs it would be as bright as an operating theatre ….. Its the hot plates, heaters, toasters, etc. that creep me out, appliances that are designed to heat. Worst of all, ancient electric heating pads.
        bonnie in provence

      • Heating pads? I wouldn’t go there either. I hadn’t though of a low wattage LED. I ought to take a photo of my aunt’s lamp.

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