Snapshots from a Time Traveler

Ta-dah! The big reveal from February 1920. Delineator.

I’m still having fun in the library. This week I traveled to 1914 and 1920, and I couldn’t wait to share a few snapshots.

High life: wearing Butterick patterns in February 1914. Delineator.

“Does this dress make my hips look big enough?” Delineator, June 1920.

Of course, I’m still labeling photos from 1910, too.

A Big Hat from January, 1910. Delineator.

Another Big Hat:

“No, I’m not a fortune teller: why do you ask?” From Delineator, February 1910.

However, I predict your bust will be improved….

Nature’s Rival: You can have a Perfect Bust thanks to the Air-Form Corset Waist. Ad from Delineator, February 1910. [Inflated with what?]

From Big Hats to High Hats:

It can’t have been easy getting out of a cab in one of these — in the hat or the skirt. Delineator, April 1914.

A High Hat from May 1914. Delineator.

“See you real soon….” With lots more images from the colorful past.

Seriously, I’m trying to prioritize color images, because there is simply not enough time to photograph everything that interests me in these old magazines. But it’s not easy!


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9 responses to “Snapshots from a Time Traveler

  1. Barbara J

    Inflatable bust shaper! I love it. The precurser to the padded bra.

  2. Chris Aupperle

    Thanks for a nice article with such entertaining images – what fun – to aee, not necessarily to wear!

  3. I wonder whether all the models here were twin sisters? Triplets, quadruplets, what have you? They all have such perfect cute thin noses and adorable cherry lips! 😮

  4. I like the coat from the 1914 Delineator. The opening is interesting. I do wish we could see the right side and what is going on with that black waist piece. Is it some kind of belt?

    • When I get around to writing about these images in more detail, I will usually be able to show alternate views (I was enlarging them and labeling the files last night. I can say that the coat of that golden suit stops at the waist; the flared peplum is part of the skirt.) Will try to write about it soon.

  5. motorharp

    The inflatable corset reminded me of the Das Boob episode of Will and Grace. I can’t see wearing that and that ending well! 😄

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