Pleated Hats, 1920

Fashion illustration from Delineator, Sepember 1920.

I was browsing through my 1920 images, trying to find something bright and colorful — but, as often happens, I got sidetracked.

Apparently, the studio where Butterick pattern illustrations were done had a supply of pleated hats in 1920. Here are a few:

A hat with large pleats, Delineator, February 1920.

A hat gloriously pleated and adorned with roses. March, 1920.

Here’s the blouse worn with the first hat I featured. (This hat also had a flower on the pleats.)

Pleated hat with Butterick blouse 2619. September 1920.

Just to prove these hats existed…

Movie star Bebe Daniels looks world-weary in her pleated hat. February 1920, Delineator.

This one looks like a pleated tam-o-shanter:

Delineator, December 1920.

Big pleats, high fashion expression. Delineator, February 1920. (Look at that hand, too.)

The charm of 100 years ago…. For a refreshing visit to 1920, see Mary Grace McGeehan’s terrific blog, My Life 100 Years Ago.



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6 responses to “Pleated Hats, 1920

  1. Thank you for these gorgeous hats, wearable blouses und the link to this blog, which is right up my alley!
    Please take care!

    • The blog My LIfe 100 Years Ago began with her decision to only read magazines and books from 1918 during 2018. When the year ended, she kept going, so she changed the name of the blog. Fascinating, funny, fabulous images! You can read her 1918 and 1919 blog posts by going to her archives for months in 1918 or 1919. I do love time travel!

  2. So glad you got side-tracked- thank you!
    Hope you’re doing well and staying safe. xx

  3. I woke up on Friday morning, saw I had lots of new followers, and thought you might have had something to do with it. Thanks so much!

    • I hope so! How great. I once wrote to Nicola White, Mudlark, whose YouTube expeditions along the Thames have been keeping me sane while I wait for my arthritic knees to improve. (One of my happiest vacations was spent walking the Thames Long Distance Footpath.) I just wanted to recommend the book Victorian Working Women to her, because she loves delving into London’s past, but what I thought was a private email was posted on her site, and now I am seeing increased traffic, too. One of her most memorable finds is in this episode. Let the serendipity continue!

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