A Silent Movie About Dancing Pumps: Short and Sweet

I really didn’t mean to take a May-to-September vacation from this blog. So it’s nice to return by recommending a pleasant short film that has lots of pretty 1913 dresses in it!

500 1912 oct p 233 evening and wrap 5687 5688 wrap 5715 w5672 sk 5673 (3)

Two Butterick evening gowns from 1912. Notice the relatively high waists and the relatively close to the head hairdos. Delineator, October 1912.

Thanks to Movies Silently for writing about the film Pumps, made in 1913. Click here for an illustrated review of this less-than-nine-minutes long movie, which really is charming. (Anyone who has ever worn cute (but uncomfortable) shoes to a dance can relate!)

We get to see several ball gowns, and our heroine also appears in some lovely day dresses, which gives me an excuse to watch it again…. Actors usually supplied their own wardrobe in the early days of movie-making. Don’t miss the gowns on the extras, either! Seeing live women in real clothing, rather than fashion illustrations, is always a treat.

I don’t happen to have any photos from 1913, (Movies Silently shows several stills from Pumps) but the styles of late 1912 show the same high waistlines (and back views that do not minimize the hips.)

500 1912 oct p 240 strap evening dress article pg (2)

Evening dress from Delineator, October 1912. High waist and cold shoulders…..


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10 responses to “A Silent Movie About Dancing Pumps: Short and Sweet

  1. I loved it! So nice to hear from you again.

  2. Jewel

    So funny–reminds me of my great aunt!

  3. Fun little film–thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Enjoyed that, thanks!
    bonnie in provence

  5. Laura Lake

    Her evening coat was DIVINE! Much better than the kimono type things we are all flapping about in. And, so funny! Thank you!

  6. Duy Khang Nguyen

    It is nice to see you back, Since you announced that you didn’t write much because of your hand problem

    How is your hand doing now ???

    • Thank you for asking. My hand and wrist are much better, but old age brings other problems 😊, so everything takes longer / more effort than it used to. I have been watching more current fashion on YouTube , taking notes so I can recommend some interesting sites. I hope 2022 will be a good year for you!

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