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CoPA: The Commercial Pattern Archive

If you are interested in costume history or vintage sewing patterns, you will probably enjoy a visit to this amazing website. The Commercial Pattern Archive (CoPA) is a searchable database — with pictures — of more than 56,000 vintage patterns.  It … Continue reading


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Early Thirties’ Hats & Patterns

The transition from 1920s to 1930s was more gradual in hats than in dresses. The cloche was still around, but tiny hats and huge hats were also featured. Above, Hat B is a familiar cloche, Hat C clings very tightly … Continue reading


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1920s’ Hat Patterns Online at CoPA

The Commercial Pattern Archive (CoPA) at URI has hat patterns, which makes it a good place for milliners to look for inspiration. McCall 1372 is one of the patterns that doesn’t have an image of the pattern pieces, but you … Continue reading


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Pattern Pieces for Side Drapes (“Cascades”) circa 1922

Cascades were created in several different ways in the Nineteen Twenties. Using the pattern archive at CoPA to better understand the options, I found a considerable variety of pattern shapes. Some cascades were basically rectangles, others were shaped, and sometimes … Continue reading


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More Cloche Hat Patterns from 1925: Butterick 5966 and 5952

Several years ago I wrote about a versatile hat and scarf pattern from Butterick (No. 5218.) I mentioned that my own experience making 1920s’ hats was with factory-made felt hat “shapes,” so  I was surprised to find that pattern companies … Continue reading


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Wrap Skirt Pattern 1480, 1927 to 1930s

This very simple wrap skirt pattern first appeared in 1927. Surprisingly, it was still being featured — in a much longer version — in December of 1930. It had survived a major change in fashion. There is only one copy … Continue reading

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Summer Halter Dresses and Pantsuit Patterns from Vogue, 1966

These breezy summer fashions are fifty-one years old, but I can’t really remember a summer since then when halter styles were not worn. In 1966, Vogue patterns offered several halter-style dresses, plus a pantsuit with a halter top included. The … Continue reading


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Sized to Height Patterns from Butterick, 1948

I happen to have a group of Butterick Fashion News Flyers from 1948. For several months, “Sized to Height” patterns, or “Special Patterns,” were featured as an innovation which still needed some explanation. The February issue explained the concept several … Continue reading


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A Three-Pattern Wardrobe for Teens and Twenties, March 1936

These Spring dresses for “Teens and Twenties” are pretty sophisticated. Either would be a good choice for the office, as well as for the campus. Both have yokes that continue into the sleeves, a modest flare near the hem, and … Continue reading


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Dating Butterick Patterns Site Has Been Updated

My project for dating vintage Butterick patterns using Butterick Fashion News flyers (Click here for an explanation) has some new information, thanks to the input of generous readers. I finally have some pattern numbers for 1962, thanks to Sarah at … Continue reading


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