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A History of the Paper Pattern Industry, by Joy Spanabel Emery

I’ve been looking forward to this book, A History of the Paper Pattern Industry, ever since I corresponded with its author, Joy Spanabel Emery, about the Commercial Pattern Archives Site at University of Rhode Island.  Her book  about the history of … Continue reading


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Animal Prints and Sheer Yokes, 1927

To the author of the AllWays in Fashion blog, who just wrote “it’s clear many of our old friends are returning for another stylish go-round:” this one’s for you! Synchronicity at work. I’m not in favor of wearing real fur, … Continue reading

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Formal Styles for October, 1926

“1016 — Paris meets the formal demands of Autumn and Winter with frocks suitable for weddings and receptions, for luncheons, tea and bridge. The cut rather than the fabric makes the difference in this mode, for satin crepe, crepe de … Continue reading

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Peasant Blouses, 1940’s to 1950’s

When full, puffy sleeves returned to fashion in the late 1930’s, the “peasant blouse” reappeared. This Hollywood pattern from the Commercial Pattern Archive for a peasant blouse is from 1938. “Tyrolean” hats, ski clothes, and embroidery were briefly popular in … Continue reading


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Smocked Blouses for Women, Late 1940’s

“One smocked blouse leads to  another….” After showing smocked dresses from the 1920’s for both women and children, I remembered that I have three vintage McCall Needlework catalogs. I found them, along with several used patterns, at an estate sale … Continue reading


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Blouses for Evening, November 1936

Butterick patterns chosen for the Woman’s Home Companion were almost always cost-conscious. These “Gay Blouses” featured in November of 1936 are illustrated in evening materials, to be worn with a long velveteen skirt. They require very little material — as … Continue reading


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More McCall Hats and Bags, 1946

My copy of the McCall Needlework store catalog for December 1946 shows many delightful patterns for hats and handbags. I’ve already described three patterns from the 1946 catalog that were successful enough to still be included in a store catalog … Continue reading


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1930’s Beach Pajama Looks: Borrowed from Sailors and Farmers

I’ve always been a fan of wide-legged trousers for women. [If the widest part of your body is the upper thigh, trousers that fit tightly at the ankle will make you look like a parenthesis ( ), the “Venus” of … Continue reading


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Christmas Gifts to Sew for 1936: Lingerie, Robe, Pajamas, Nightgown

For some folks, the approach of Thanksgiving is a reminder to start making Christmas presents — if you didn’t start last summer. The Personal Touch in Pattern-Made Gifts If you were a reader of The Woman’s Home Companion, this two page … Continue reading

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Paris Designs in Delineator, May 1929

In May of 1929, Delineator Magazine published sketches of “Thirty significant ideas from the collections of the great houses” of Paris couture. It was a two-page spread, with 15 fashions for daytime on page 22, and 15 fashions, mostly for afternoon … Continue reading

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