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6 responses to “Policies & Copyright

  1. Patricia Fieldwlkwe

    do you sell these patterns?

    • Jane Olive

      We are having an anniversary party for our women’s organization which was founded in 1917. We hope to have some Chautauquan performers in period costume. Do you sell the patterns or have recommendations for us? Thank you. Jane

      • I’m not sure what you are looking for, but the Past Patterns company
        makes patterns in modern sizes but based on real vintage garments. I
        have used them, but not for 1917 era. Here’s a link to their 1900 to
        1919 patterns:
        The Folkwear pattern company is also very reliable. Their “Armistice
        Blouse” #210 dates to 1918. http://www.folkwear.com/210.html
        Check their site for other 1917 era patterns.
        Whether you are looking for historically accurate patterns or
        ready-made clothing, an invaluable resource is the website for The
        Costume Technicians Handbook, by Ingham and Covey. The authors update
        the Resources and Shopping Guide so that we can find hundreds of
        suppliers — always worth checking out and following its links. The
        home page is http://books.heinemann.com/ingham-covey/ and the
        Resources and Shopping Guide are on the menu bar.
        Another extraordinary site is The Great Pattern Review at the Bay Area
        Costumers Guild — people who love to dress in historical period
        costumes show pictures of clothing they have made from commercial
        patterns (much more informative than a drawing or pattern envelope,
        since they are real people, not models.) The people who used the
        pattern also rate its difficulty, and describe what they do and don’t
        like about it, or what they would do differently.

  2. Linda

    Love to read your posts ! I’m a button collector with a question. Often with a jar of buttons, I find mother of pearl discs smaller than a dime with two holes to the top. I’ve heard them described as ‘flat shell sequins’. Do you have any pictures showing their use in clothing ? I’m thinking that they’re from the 30’s or 40’s ? Thank you, and blessings, Linda

  3. lairbus51gmailcom

    My name is Lindsey-Jane Doley. I’m from Adelaide in South Australia. I belong to an online writers’ group called The Human Writers, which is geared towards older Australians. I’m currently contributing a series of stories that I’ve called ‘Hands Up Who Remembers the Fifties.’ My next chapter is titled ‘Needles and Pins’ and I would love to be able to show some pictures of little girls’ dresses from the fifties ( 4-8 age group). Would I please be able to use some of the photos from witness2fashion? They’re perfect and are exactly what I’m looking for. If you give permission, would you be kind enough to point out to me which ones I can show in my story? I’m very happy to mention your website and give full credit to your having taken the photo. Yours faithfully
    Lindsey-Jane Doley (email lairbus51@gmail.com

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