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Recommended Viewing: A la Recherche des Modes Perdues

Butterick 2834, Delineator, November 1929. Illustration by Sigrid Hovey.

Butterick 2834, Delineator, November 1929. Illustration by Sigrid Hovey.

The blog A la Recherche des Modes Perdues (freely translated as “Remembrance of Fashions Past,” with a nod to Proust — or, “The Search for Lost and Forgotten Modes”) is always interesting, but this week Nylon.Bleu has outdone herself with many images from the French fashion magazine Modes et Travaux issue from May, 1930. You don’t need a to read French to enjoy many pages of lovely 1930 fashions — every one with a natural waistline and most with the natural waist accented by a belt. The hats are “twenties” but the clothes are thirties, and they are very pretty clothes! The cover image is a printed ensemble from Jean Patou.

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Note: There is computer translation available, but fashion uses a specialized vocabulary which AI has not yet mastered. Also, so many fashion terms are borrowed French words that the poor translation device really struggles to find an English equivalent. For example, a”patron” in this context is a pattern, not a “boss,” crepe de Chine is not a “China pancake,'” a “mode” is a mode, and a “godet” is … a godet. Don’t let the language barrier deter you from subscribing to this delicious blog. (And you can suggest better translations, if you have the time. I’m currently trying to get “patrons” translated as “patterns.”)


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