A Really Big Hat: 1906 Silent Film

Hat from Delineator magazine, May 1910.

A very large (and inconvenient) hat — but fashion is not about convenience! Movies Silently has discovered a charming, short Danish film from 1906 which shows not only a wildly exaggerated hat, but two ladies inconveniently attired in hobble skirts. You can watch this 6 minute comedy (and others) at stumfilm.dk. Click here for the movie, and  here for more information from Movies Silently.

Really big hats were also popular in 1920:

Fashion illustration from Delineator magazine, September 1920.

Imagine sitting next to this hat in a theater or car!


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7 responses to “A Really Big Hat: 1906 Silent Film

  1. Mary Gibson

    Thanks for sharing that silly movie! Fashion is often absurd.

  2. So lovely to hear from you again. I’ve never seen footage of a woman wearing a hobble skirt before don’t think.

  3. That was such a cute movie! Thank you for telling your readers about it. I was surprised that hobble skirts were a thing in 1906, but I am glad that Movies Silently informed us otherwise.

  4. TBG

    This is fabulous! I laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing this! I was happy to see you in my inbox today!

  5. Beautiful Lace

    Thank you so much! Always enjoy hearing from you. What a wonderful bit of humor to find today!

    Movies Silently is so neat! It is interesting to see the fashions on moving, breathing humans, so different from fashion plates-but those are neat, too!

  6. OMG this is adorable.

    Side note: I’m fairly sure the taxi is a Renault. They were known for that sloping “coal scuttle” hood–they were air-cooled so there was no radiator to get in the way. Franklin cars in the US copied this, so if you see one in an American photograph it’s probably a Franklin.

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