Striped Coats for Women, 1924

Striped coats were apparently quite stylish in the spring of 1924. Butterick pattern #5181 suggested a boldly striped fabric for a woman’s coat, illustrated in misses’ sizes, and Ford Motors featured an equally bold striped coat in its March advertisement in The Delineator magazine.

Ad for Ford Tudor Sedan, Delineator, March 1924

Ad for Ford Tudor Sedan, Delineator, March 1924

A 1920s Striped Coat Pattern for Misses and Ladies

Butterick’s Delineator magazine, May 1924, pattern # 5181

Butterick’s Delineator magazine, May 1924, pattern # 5181

“5181 – At this season the débutante is in need of this type of coat with a straight lower part joined to a long body with a choice of inside pocket. It may be a longer length if one prefers a full-length coat. Use striped coatings, soft twills, rep cloth, heavy silk crêpe, satin. Lower edge in longer length 46 inches.

17 years or 34 bust requires 2 5/8 yards 54-inch striped wool. The coat is for misses 16 to 18 years or 33 to 35 bust, also Ladies.”

Striped Coat in a Ford Tudor Sedan Ad, 1924

Ad for Ford Tudor Sedan, Delineator, March 1924

Ad for Ford Tudor Sedan, Delineator, March 1924

Ford was late to enter the closed car market, but when it did, a whole series of advertisements aimed at women appeared in the women’s magazines. These ads always showed a woman driver, taking her children to school, shopping, or, here, giving her friend a ride on a rainy day.1924 march p 53 ford tudor 500 dpi striped coat woman driver striped coat

1924 march p 53 ford tudor text striped coat

“Not even a chilly all-day rain need upset the plans of the woman who has a Ford closed car at her disposal. Knowing it to be reliable and comfortable in all weathers, she goes out whenever inclination suggests or duty dictates

“The car is so easy to drive that it constantly suggests thoughtful services to her friends. She can call for them without effort and share pleasantly their companionship.

“All remark upon the graceful outward appearance of her car, its convenient and attractive interior, and its cosy comfort. And she prides herself upon having obtained so desirable a car for so low a price.”

The Tudor Sedan pictured cost $590; the Fordor Sedan cost $685, and a Coupe, $525.

I love the woman’s embroidered hatband. Incidentally, notice how long hems were at the beginning of 1924. The miss who opted for the  7/8 length shown  (#5181) would be wearing it as a full-length coat in 1925.


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4 responses to “Striped Coats for Women, 1924

  1. That’s a great ad. And I love your observation about the length of the coat. We tend to forget that hemlines fluctuated during the 1920s.

  2. historyseamstress

    Love the coat!

  3. Well, I concur with everything Lizzie says. But in addition, I want that coat.

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